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The heart of marketing is the website. If you want people to learn more about your business or publicize it on a large scale, websites are terrific to market your products and services. As a result, creating a visually appealing website is critical.

Our feet in website design
A very precise design to capture the attention of visitors and the target audience… As a technology, the world is changing. Rich design is critical in all contexts, from logos to individual websites. Websites are an important part of business promotion since they are simple for both visitors and promoters. Separate web distinguishes your company with well-defined designs that entice potential clients to become customers.

What is the best way to make money from website design?
Because most individuals find it simple to explore the internet for information relevant to their needs, it is the simplest source of profit. A clever design can pique visitors’ curiosity, while a terrible design can perplex them. Graphics, logos, colors, and other elements draw the target audience’s attention. Everyone has a vital job to perform. Ecommerce websites have been extremely popular in recent years, and a smart design can assist you in becoming a successful seller.

Why are we working on a website?
We provide a clear and responsive website design to ensure that your site’s visitors do not lose interest. We select the most appropriate color scheme for your company. Your website will have a very professional feel to it. Use the greatest combination of graphics and photos to get the most out of your website. Our goal is to boost the profitability of your website.


Our Services

To supply you with a comprehensive range of services, we think big and cooperate with all major technology platforms.

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Our App Development Process

Our design methodology follows a tried-and-true method. We begin by building a planning template and acquiring a deep understanding of your requirements.


Requirement Gathering

Many application development initiatives may disappoint their users and key stakeholders. In many cases, the cause for the application’s failure to satisfy expectations and assist the business process can be traced back to badly written requirements.

Collecting the requirements that explain the application, we are producing and why we are doing it is an easy method to prevent identifying a project as a failure.

Separate web understands the importance of this part in the application development process, and we work directly with our clients to create project objectives and targets as soon as possible.

What are the conditions?
A clear, hazy portrayal of an organization’s professional demands explains what is required but not how it will be met.

What is the point of gathering requirements?
So that the development team can express the business needs in clear, unambiguous language, as well as the intended outcome of the activity for which the requirements will be employed.



The prototype is the evaluation stage in the app development design stage. The prototype’s purpose is to experiment with the app’s basic concept. It can help you save time, money, and resources by providing a better user experience and a smooth transition from concept to product.

Prototyping apps have become an essential element of the app development process. Many startups are designing apps that adopt a repetitive approach to the Lean startup trend. Navigational or semi-functional prototypes help them get off to a solid start without investing a lot of money in full development.

The prototype is a representation of the finished product. This concept allows users to test the app before investing important development time and resources into creating a finished product. Everything from simple sketches of product interfaces to dynamic interactive computer models is incorporated into prototypes.



The Google Play Store and Apple App Store now have over 4 million apps available. And establishing a mobile app in such a crowded market is no simple undertaking. Businesses frequently disregard the guidelines for releasing apps on this public app store, resulting in issues during the submission process. But don’t worry; the separate web app has you covered when it comes to the submission process.

By customizing your deployment method, your app gives you all of your required services. Separate web follows industry recommended practices for distributing your software to industry-recognized public app stores, among other things.

One of the most difficult obstacles for app developers to overcome is providing support for the wide range of tablets and smartphones now available. However, we may easily handle this problem by evaluating the primary deployment alternatives.


Support & Maintenance

Our app maintenance experts support Full-service apps. Separate web assists teams with app maintenance, integration with business processes, and data-driven decision-making. With our unique solutions, you can organize, track, and schedule your app maintenance tasks.

Support solutions with several tiers
We provide standardized troubleshooting, application, and system audits, IT environment assistance, server administration, courteous and thorough maintenance, ad hoc troubleshooting, upgrades, legacy migration, and more through three levels of support solutions.

Upkeep of mobile applications
We provide mobile application maintenance services to improve uptime, support more users, optimize server performance, improve UX/UI, decrease displacement, comply with regulatory requirements, and streamline integrated web services.

Upkeep of web applications
Testing and debugging, updating site information, database maintenance, and real-time monitoring and analysis are all part of our web application maintenance services, which comply with Service Level Agreement (SLA) criteria. We offer on-demand and continuing app maintenance and development services, utilizing tried-and-true methods to keep your apps up and running while maximizing revenue.

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We can design world-class solutions that involve more than simply the latest technology by using our knowledge of your organization.


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Our website was developed beautifully with different web Web Design Solutions. Different web design talents and support services were of the greatest level, whether offering live development support or allowing us to make our development upgrades! It didn’t take long for us to create our website, and we were happy with the images and the informational design and layout. We’re excited to reconnect with separate web, especially as we expand our site services.

Sue Vaneer

Business Owner, Jaipur

review service logo

This year, I decided to establish my own business. Of course, I’m aware of this, which is why it’s something I’m aware of ahead of time. After considerable thinking and examining our present technologies, I opted to start with the website. I’ve built and managed numerous websites on my own, but I’ve decided to hire a professional this time. I scoured the internet for sites to research and came across one that wowed me as I went through the pages. THEY RESPONDED QUICKLY when I contacted the manufacturer and provided wonderful customer service..

Don Stairs

Business Owner, Jaipur

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I’d want to express my gratitude for the fantastic work you’ve done on our website. I’m quite pleased with the result. I had the option of working for a huge national website design firm, but I opted for separate web design instead. You loved working with me from the first talk about my website’s concept through the final launch of the site, which included content development and page layout. Your professionalism and your capacity to adjust things over time are two of my favorite aspects. I’m excited to keep using your services to monitor my website and make it a true asset to my company.

Russ L. Rogers

Business Owner, Jaipur

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